Based out of Edmonton, AB, Canada, Selfish Bodies is a 3-piece female-fronted alternative pop rock band that has been turning heads with their high-content energy antics and a style of music that blends catchy, arena-sized riffs, massive drums and melodies, and coruscating vocals bound to stick in your head for days. Selfish Bodies delivers that orgasmic energy and sparkles in their music with their freedom of expression, spine-tangling lead vocals, and tremendous songwriting skills, showing signs of a trio en route to becoming an empowering, soul-awakening, record-breaking musical band that will go on to place themselves at the top of every available list. Selfish Bodies have the ambition, persistence, and unmatched work ethic to break all records that exist!

Selfish Bodies are currently demanding attention with their dazzling, high-energy masterpiece, “Disassociated,” which really boasts of a contagious energy that you can never escape, no matter how rebellious you can be!

Right from the word go, those beats drop with an unrestrained amount of rhythmic and melodic energy highlighted by that undeniable cinematic pop touch, going on to lay the perfect foundation for this powerful masterpiece.

As the track builds and all the instruments come together, you can feel that energy being transferred through the lead vocalist’s beautifully haunting voice…it’s like traveling between dimensions in a sense, and you absolutely savor every second of it. I love how both her voice and the track pick up during the performance of that chorus, pulling a listener into an emotional stupor and refusing to let go until the track is no more!

I am not even exaggerating when I say this indescribably energetic track had me in an induced state of music-inspired euphoria, and I didn’t want to come off of it—it is so surreal and cathartic at the same time!

I love how the rip-roaring melodies are in perfect sync with the angst-fueled theme to make this track incredibly haunting and memorable!

Already streaming on all your favorite platforms, follow the attached link and let Selfish Bodies help you get “Disassociated” from reality; at least for those 3 minutes and 29 seconds!

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