Taking a holistic approach to writing captivating and memorable hit songs is the New York musical outfit, SAVARRE which is led by the singer-songwriter, composer, and novelist Shannon Denise Evans. Since music has been known to be the supreme mystery of human intelligence, this ultra-modern group blends all the grandiose the rock sound into one magical invention that cuts across with tremendous authenticity and sensibility- in here you get the aroma of the classics, the nostalgia of the metal and grunge aesthesis and an added fascination in hard rock, without forgetting the futuristic alternative style that is thrown in there for the congenial listening experience!

SAVARRE has a new single titled, “Scars” – a skillfully crafted and melodious staple that boasts an abundance of lyrical impact and length in time- it is 5 minutes long! You can’t help but get emotional with the level of vulnerability on the show as Shannon delves deeper into her exposed heart and transports a listener to blissful places with the level of sonic spark graving unprecedented heights!

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Right from the sensual intro, you feel more endeared to this melody with the way her pure vocals that come off polished, refined, and angelic, smoothly float over the soft and mesmerizing piano keys as she, like an angel of sorts authentically exercises impeccable vocal control whilst showcasing her wide vocal range in the most endearing ways. The tune is organized with the instrumental play laid-back and yet effectively intense as the song builds up collecting up an intriguing amount of variety to keep a listener heavily invested in this powerful sound!

This is the case of “Scars” to your beautiful and anyone who may be hiding from whom they are and letting the insecurities take over is reminded that this is what makes us humans and since no one is perfect, you might as well own your imperfections and live your life freely without anything ever holding you back!

This song is the result of a unique story that blends modern soundscapes with authentic rock. The recording is of a very high standard and the track boasts great sonic clarity and warmth as Shannon lets us savor the thickness and variety of her stylistic caliber.

“Scars” is now available on all the major streaming platforms; follow the attached link and plunge your soul into this endearing magnificence!

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