Sarah Belle Say U Love Me

Her striking beauty is beyond compare and her beguiling flaming smile introduces her before words do; hailing from Miami Florida, Sarah Belle has had the gift of songwriting ever since she was 7 years old. She has been working as a behind-the-scene songwriter but is now ready to share her skills with the world as she authentically writes her own songs and releases them one after the other- so far, the reception she has received has been impeccable. Her glamorous single, “Quarter-life” received a lot of plaudits from pop aficionados who pretty much agreed they couldn’t get enough of that spectacular tune.

Holding on to the moment for delight, she has an equally resplendent tune dubbed, “Say U Love Me”- an affectionately performed tune with her raw emotions and feelings being felt right through her rich voice. The smooth and mesmerizing piano’s dominant melodicism carries a listener to a dreamland where every soul and heart is hoping that the love they are giving is going to be reciprocated with the same magnitude and passion- when you want someone to love you as badly as you do all the times and not just in the moments!.

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Her voice is soft like summer rain and the way she controls her vocals is indescribably magical. Belle indulges listeners in a heavenly concoction of intimate and heartfelt lyrics in what is a grandeur masterpiece in pop transcendence. The warmth of the piano keys floats over a listener’s soul and rests right in your heart with her words serenading you beautifully to make you instantly fall in love with this spellbinding track.

This is the type of tune to enjoy while lying on the summer grass, headphones over the ears as you watch the glamour of the elegance that is the clear sky. No moment transcends this as you treat yourself to some of the most passionately written songs you’ve heard in a long time!

To sink your longing heart right into the thick of this deeply relatable melody; follow the attached link, stream this tune, make sure you follow her, and share this with your friends who are as hopeless romantic as you!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"