Saint Moody Black Lighter

Saint Moody is the solo musical project of Denver, CO-based Stewart Moody, which started at the end of 2022. An artist dedicated to pushing the genre boundaries of indie and punk rock in his own original way; he hopes that he will leave a mark on the music scene and go on to lead a promising career that will be his legacy. Just at the inception of his career, he hopes that you will be kind enough to take this promising musical journey with him that is set to make its mark, one song at a time.

As someone who grew up listening to the golden age of music from prominent artists such as The Wonder Years, The Front Bottoms, and the Flatliners, he has always maintained his liking for the timeless standards, which he hopes to emulate with his honest artistry geared towards that timeless and relevant songwriting.

Saint Moody is now making headlines following his acoustic version of “Black Lighter” which he recorded for the NPR Tiny Desk contest.

This earworm-inducing performance actually marks a significant milestone in the artist’s career as he showcases what he is made up of.

Moody really puts his soul and heart into this performance and still displays his instrumental prowess with the way he competently pulls those strings, tugging at a listener’s heartstrings!

Moody’s golden, sweet-sounding vocals and the mellow tone of the acoustic guitar allow the raw, emotional quality of his rich and powerful voice to shine through, drawing the listener and viewer into his performance.

He has managed to marvelously honor the original composition while using his innovative foundation as a trampoline to reach new and exciting musical grounds. By proficiently doing this, he demonstrates his limitless creativity and versatility as a songwriter and performer.

Grand in scope and absolutely effortless in execution, you really need to watch this performance that is now available on Saint Moody’s official YouTube channel.

Head over there, subscribe to the channel, like the performance, and share your positive message of support and encouragement in the comment section.

For more insight on Saint Moody as an artist and band, follow him on his Instagram page.

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