Following the release of his single “Pain” in 2017 and his album “Astray” in 2019, S3WAY released a series of singles and records that cemented his reputation as a rapper, including his most recent album “Which Way.” S3WAY has returned with his most gripping tracks to date, as well as to solidify his credibility with his upcoming new single “Law and S3WAY,” which is stocked and loaded with hard hitting bars and energetic cuts that are sure to take him to the next level.

S3WAY features a courageously explorative set-list built to take the audience on a seriously immersive journey they’ll never forget, and he’s fearless to say exactly what’s on his mind, exactly how he wants to say it. He leaves nothing behind on his upcoming single and makes a completely bold declaration with the powerful content streaming fluidly throughout “Law and S3WAY” which is unfiltered, raw, and honest as it comes. He understands that his music has the power to change people’s minds and that his feelings are meant to be communicated in the best way he knows how through his creations.

S3WAY’s distinct approach to music demonstrates that he possesses the audibly noticeable X-factor that distinguishes him from other emcees in the hip hop scene in the right ways that really make an impression, confirming that his attention to detail, lyrical power, and stunning execution are all second to none.

He is also committed to providing the quality production of a true professional in order to provide real insight, bold emotion, thought-provoking lyricism, and unforgettable moments to music lovers all over the world by putting his sincere heart and soul into every second of the songs he writes. S3WAY is excited to share his charismatic vocals and radiantly genuine sound with the world this year through a vibrant track set to be released on the 28th of May he has the sheer talent required to create songs that hold up with timeless style, all with the intention of listeners resonating with his music.