As someone who has already learned some of the harsh lessons that street life can teach you, Los Angeles-based hip-hop and rap savant Rolondo Rich’s mission has been to turn those turbulent times and real-life street experiences into hit records, sold-out shows, and becoming the next BIG thing from California. His rough and tumble flows let you know who he is and where he has been, but a peek behind the curtain lets you experience his lyrical skill, cadence, and storytelling ability that appeal to the hardest of the ‘hood figgas’ and the coolest of the kids in the suburbs. There is no doubt that Rolondo is on the path of success, perfectly forged for him, and he is indeed hitting the global rap scene, one hit at a time!

His latest single, “BAC 2 MY CHANGE” has gone on to receive positive feedback and massive appeal from fans and industry heavyweights alike. Rolondo lays down some fierce verses here that have earned him an up-and-coming reputation among the West Coast rap scene.

First things first, we can all agree that this beat is sick, unique, and out of this world. It is so wavy and vibey, allowing Rolondo to ride it purposefully and masterfully like the first-class emcee that he is.

His intricate rhymes, erudite wordplay, and staggering cadences over the catchy hooks and hypnotic beat make this track stand out and remain stuck in your brain long after it is gone!

Rolondo pulls no punches with his thought-provoking and hard-hitting rhymes as he gives an ode to street hustle, growth and development, and the good side of life that deserves to be celebrated.

Following the positive feedback this single generated, Rolondo went ahead to create a music video, which is now available on YouTube.

This is not your ordinary music video; the visuals here are insane and perfectly blended to supplement this banger greatly. This epic music video was actually directed and edited by Rolondo himself, a true testament to his limitless gifts and panache.

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