Rob Lalain is a veteran in his own right who started making music in 1989 with the release of his first single titled, “Drifting Away/Take Away Love.” But even before music listeners had a chance to hear his first ever song, Rob had already been writing songs ever since he was 12 years. It seems music was his creative outlet and songwriting was one way he used to make sense of the world as well as relay his thoughts and deep emotions.

After a hiatus of over two decades, the year 2020 brought him back to music- it was when the pandemic hit and everything stopped. With the whole world awash with uncertainties, it was at this point that Rob reconnected with his songwriting passion and started delving deep into the creative process, sometimes reimagining his own original songs and other times crafting new ones.

Therefore, the album “Back to the Start” mirrors both his timeless songwriting from the past and his contemporary sensibilities with 6 new tracks added to this impressive body of work that has gone on to amass hundreds of thousands of streams from various platforms.

This means that he still got that ear for sound design, a knack for songwriting, and an inimitable charisma that has allowed his old fans to welcome his sound with open arms…and why shouldn’t they? This is good music!

“The Lows…(2023 Remastered)” perfectly fits into this world and brings that feeling of nostalgia with it. This track is a huge testament to Rob’s ability to create music that was way ahead of its time. This tune is captivatingly dreamy and hypnotic thanks to its psych qualities and fluid flow.

The growling voice in the background, which fits ideally into the genre, is really catchy and fits in perfectly with the intricate rock instrumentation that has been allowed to thrive over Rob’s voice.

“The Roses (2023 Remastered)” is another bona fide standout that comes off emotional and deep. There are cinematic elements to the arrangement and production making for a grand impact. This performance resonates deeply with listeners, seeming to stem from a place of personal anguish and disappointment.

It always a strong highlight to Rob’s voice; – just the way he can be able to invoke a range of emotions is very compelling.

“The Way” features a strong drum intro that sets the tone as Rob delivers a soul-drenching emotional and inspirational performance that feels more inspirational than lamenting. This tune is quite catchy and builds on a cohesive storyline and anyone who might have found themselves stuck on  hard past could use it to feel less alone and maybe get motivated to see the light ahead, It shines a light of hope for brighter days ahead.

“Like We Used to Be” is a harmonious duet featuring a guest female artist adding to the track’s depth, structure and appeal. The intro features a mellifluent keyboard tone that lays the foundation as Rob and the female singer deliver a heartfelt performance that feels warm, joyful, easily likeable and enjoyable.

Look, this album has got it all and I already know you can’t wait to scratch you musical itch with the instant classics as well as new compositions from an artist that has aged like fine wine and so has his music!

Follow the attached link and stream this album in its entirety without cherry picking and you won’t regret it.

For more information regarding Rob Lalain and his music, check out his website

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