Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Rob Henriksen has released his highly anticipated album “Backroads.” As I listened to the album, I can attest that this is a project worth getting excited about. Throughout “Backroads,” Rob showcases his immense talent as both a songwriter and musician. His mastery of the acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and harmonica is evident in every track. But it’s not just his instrumental skills that shine; Rob’s emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics make every song on the album an immersive experience.

Rob’s love for music dates back to his childhood, when he developed a deep appreciation for various genres. In his solo work, he brings his unique mix of Americana, Bluegrass, and Country, creating a sound that is soulful and reflective. The songs in “Backroads” are proof of his emotional depth and personal experiences.

The album opens with “Way You’re Treating Me,” a soulful track that showcases Rob’s incredible vocal range. Through the lyrics “Honey don’t you know, how I have been feeling,” Rob conveys the frustration and pain of being mistreated in a relationship. But despite the melancholy theme, the song maintains an optimistic tone, with a chorus that encourages to stand up and demand the love and respect you deserve. From there, the album takes listeners on a journey of introspection with tracks “Where Are You Going,” “Old Man Winter” and “These Changes.”

“She’s the One” is a standout track on “Backroads,” it was the album’s lead single, which was released on March 10th. This lively and upbeat song is a tribute to Rob’s wife Cheryl, who has been his constant companion and support system throughout his musical journey. Through his words, Rob expresses his gratitude and love for his wife, singing, “She’s the one I wanna wake up to, she’s the one who can keep me out of trouble,” proof to the strength of their relationship and the love that they share. One of the things that make “She’s the One” so special is its authenticity. It’s clear that the song comes straight from Rob’s heart, and his genuine affection for his wife shines through in every line.

Rob’s mastery of multiple instruments is evident throughout the album, with tracks like “Day Late” showcasing his talent on the banjo. The album’s title track “Backroads” is a beautiful ballad that showcases Rob Henriksen’s songwriting skills and emotive vocals. The song begins with gentle guitar strums that create a peaceful and reflective atmosphere. As the song progresses, Rob’s vocals become more prominent, and his voice carries the weight of the song’s poignant lyrics. At the heart of “Backroads” is a sense of wanderlust and curiosity. The lyrics contemplate the meaning of life and the paths we choose to take, with the memorable lines “I wonder where it is, that he wants to go, when he’s driving the backroads.” The album ends with “The Old Town,” a poignant song that perfectly captures Rob’s ability to tell a story through music.

The album’s eclectic mix of genres, emotional depth, and outstanding musicianship make it a highly recommended choice for fans of Americana, Bluegrass, and Country. Be sure to check out Rob Henriksen’s “Backroads” and experience the magic for yourself.

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