As an award-winning filmmaker who has worked on popularly acclaimed films such as “HERO” and “MY MOTHER”, Richard Oliver Jr. admits that nothing could have prepared him for the deafening, sad, and emotional reality that is gun violence as he delved deep into the creative process as an artist, producer, and filmmaker for his new reggae-inspired tune, “These Sad Times,” that seeks to address the impact of gun violence particularly on the young, innocent, and vulnerable souls whose lives are being cut short almost every single month.

It has come to a point where we must decide as a nation that enough is enough…I mean, how many more innocent lives of children, teachers, and caregivers will have to be lost before the elected officials can pass the gun reform legislative bills? It feels like they’ve got their heads so far down their own asses that they are incapable of comprehending what has been happening!

“These Sad Times” isn’t just a song; this is the voice of millions, and it is so surreal to see phenomenally gifted artists like Richard Oliver Jr. use their platforms for the good.

Ultimately, Richard feels that if more than enough people make their voices heard, maybe we can protect our future generations, whose lives and dreams seem to be hanging by a thread since any psychopath with a gun can decide to storm into any learning institution and wreak havoc!

Delivered with such poignancy and heartfelt conviction, you can feel the raw emotions of sadness, hurt, and genuine concern reflected through the profoundly touching lyrics and backed by the mellow reggae melodies and harmonies that offer solid support for his vocals to thrive.

“These Sad Times” has also been accompanied by an eye-catching emotional film that sees Richard assume the role of a dedicated teacher and caring parent.

Fitting perfectly to the track’s narrative, this short film is meant to be a tribute to all the souls we’ve lost to gun violence and an emotional highlight; a seemingly sad reality of the more we might lose if nothing is done about this deeply sensitive issue.

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