As someone who has been through a lot; – grappling with homelessness, depression, and suicide at some point in his own life, Richard Oliver Jr. makes his music and films from a place of honesty, vulnerability, and strength, talking about things others are thinking but are afraid to talk about and ultimately reaching out to so many listeners and viewers struggling with their own emotional, physical, and mental scars. He is an altruistic creator guided by the goal of making the world a better place and leaving everyone he meets better than he found them, and that is why, ladies and gentlemen, this man deserves your heart as much as your ear and eye.

The track “ALRIGHT” was composed during the COVID pandemic, when lockdown had us in chokehold. This was a dark phase for everyone around the world, and apart from the massive deaths that were reported as a result of COVID-19, the pandemic also brought with it massive side effects in the form of mental health illnesses and depression.

And this song was composed to mirror the emotional scars that the pandemic brought along, trapping you in feelings of helplessness in your own house with no hope whatsoever. It is during such a time that the mind starts going to dark places and suicide becomes an option.

The melody here is smooth and enchanting, but it is the words that are fulfilling, deeply relatable, and wrap around a listener like a warm embrace. His emotive delivery accentuates the weight of the deep lyrics, and the accompanying music video, which is like a short film, complements the song’s essence and narrative perfectly.

This track is an ode to anyone out there dealing with mental health issues, depression, or suicidal thoughts. This is a reminder that they are not alone, just talk to someone about how you’re feeling and always remember that the world needs you. There is so much to live for, and for someone as beautiful, talented, and unique as you are, your place in the world is worth finding.

In other exciting news, Richard has been nominated for an opening act at Audacy’s (formerly annual We Can Survive concert, and he needs your support in claiming the spot. To make this dream a reality, just click the link at and cast your vote for him. It will mean the world to him.

In addition to opening in front of a sold-out audience, the opening act also gets their own private dressing room, exposure and experience way beyond reach, a meet and greet with iconic artists, and a grand total of $10,000, money that Richard would donate to mental illness, suicide prevention, and homeless food pantry organizations as well as charities involved in gun reform, another cause dear to his heart.

Please make sure you vote for him and share the link widely with your friends and family. May God bless you as you do that.

To listen to “ALRIGHT” as you watch the heartwarming music video, follow the attached link, subscribe to his channel, and invite your friends to enjoy this deeply relevant music and film.

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