A trailblazing sensation taking the music industry by storm, the Belgian duo RESILIENT SAH’LEN blends intricate threads of dark pop, synth pop, and dreamy pop, along with rock influences, into their music to create a genre-defying sound enjoyed in its multiple forms. Their motivation and overarching ambition are to create something timeless—a body of work that stands the test of time and leaves audiences coming back for more. Through their music, RESILIENT SAH’LEN invites listeners into their world, encouraging them to dream big and embrace the journey!

“VOICES” is the kind of jam that, once listened to, haunts you for the rest of the day. Right from the get-go, it lures you in and punches right through your chest with that appetizing blend of rhythm and melody.

The piano tones, the subtle drums, and the signature synths spread delightful melodies all around. On the mic, EmotionalShyPrincess beautifully haunts with her immensely expressive vocals as she enchants over the rhythm, alternating between lively singing and haunting background vocals that add to the cinematic weight of this track.

And the capstone of this song is that unforgettable chorus at its heart that takes up residence in a listener’s mind, playing over and over even when the song is over.

I love the overall haunting nature of this song. It has been built in a way that really comes back to spook its listener, and in a beautiful way.

Acclaimed by both fans and critics, “VOICES” is indeed a catchy and infectious jam, making it an essential choice for your favorite playlist.

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