Real Easy Numbers

Real Easy has always possessed that star quality about his A-game and it is no surprise that the hit single from his 2022’s “Childhood Adventures” actually debuted at #15 on the Chicago MTV Charts when he was only 18 years old. When you listen to his spectacular productions, it is then you understand the superstar level he is at as he has always possessed that niche of transforming real-life and invented stories into addicting hip-hop melodies with near-universal appeal. He is the star of this show and is back like he never left with another banger, “Numbers”- I’m not even kidding when I say this will disrupt the airwaves for it is a groundbreaking masterpiece from head to the base.

The tune, “Numbers” will certainly mark his arrival in all the right ways for this is one of those tracks that you listen to and appreciate the effort that went into it- both melodically and lyrically! It makes a grand entrance with a cinematic quality with the talking over demanding your attention right before the beats culminate where the deep-phased basslines slap and blend with some dutiful drums, atmospheric synths, and resounding 808s!

Real Easy takes the center stage and breathes eternal life into this narrative with his powerful bars. He goes all the way, occasionally resting where the catchy hook section enters and going back in, coming harder with innovative bars that ooze class, charisma, and deserved acclaim. This is his show and this is a match-winning lyrical performance that he displays right here. “Numbers” is really going to turn heads and I couldn’t think of a better way to mark his arrival after a temporary hiatus.

For those who enjoy blazing beats backed by raw lyricism and delivered wholeheartedly- the performance in, “Numbers” exemplifies just that and from the title, I can see it pulling some crazy numbers when it gets officially released on all the major streaming platforms!

Follow Real Easy on the attached Instagram handle so as to get real-time updates of his present and future plans and be ready because the track “Numbers” is really going to make waves in the hip-hop music industry and I wouldn’t wish even my worst enemy to miss out on such a stunner!

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