Read the News possesses dynamic creativity that is driven by its passion for both music and technology. These coexisting passions have enabled them to formulate a distinct sound and production catalog teeming with a variety of vibrant melodic techno, electronic pop, future house, and tropical house tracks. Delivering a steady stream of impressive releases across various imprints, Read the News’ larger-than-life productions have garnered attention on a global scale. Alongside their clear productions, their ability to deliver stellar on-stage performances has earned them a reputation as one of melodic techno’s most talented emerging DJs. Spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond, Read the News is maintaining a lasting impression on the global music scene, and they have earned critical and widespread acclaim for their work.

They are back with a brand new offering titled “Flex”- a sensational new tune that seamlessly blends melodic house and techno with rap vocals for a raw masterpiece that has extensive appeal.

The listener cannot deny the rich and immersive listening experience that results from the expert blending of intricate rhythms, intense driving beats, broad basslines, and potent synths.

Each component here is working in perfect harmony with one another to create a song that achieves what it sets out to, and this is one of the many reasons this jam deserves a spot on your playlist.

A worthy addition to any electronic dance music playlist, “Flex” is a brilliant banger with a broad-ranging appeal thanks to its eclectic demeanor.

This track is a huge testament to Read the News’ unparalleled versatility, masterful sound design, and commercial appeal.

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