Hailing from Switzerland, Read the News is an electronic music producer/DJ duo excelling in creating universally appealing EDM. They have continuously displayed a capacity to harness ingenuity to explore and expand into uncharted electronic music territories in order to fish out magic that has seen them elevate to global stardom and earn a shockwave of intrigue from fans and key industry players alike. They have been building one of the most impressive discographies in electronic music, and their live gigs are not to be missed!

The single “Euphoria in Paradise” received a positive reception from fans and critics and has been a club staple all over Switzerland. Linking up with Munich-based electronic music producer Naeiiv, Read the News created two remixes from it, and that’s how this EP was born.

The original composition is deeply enchanting and slowly builds from the ground up, and as the track progresses, Read the News unleashes a timeless medley of driving beats, hypnotic rhythms, a sawtooth bass line, striking synths, and pads to create a wall of sound that fills the listener’s ears from every corner.

Read the News effectively lures listeners in, continuously improvising to keep them engaged throughout the entirety of the track.

“Euphoria in Paradise – Naeiiv Remix” sees Naeiiv make his mark by integrating that cinematic thrill over the impressive blend of rhythm and melody. It features his quintessential beat break production technique with ambitious drops, unfolding over a six-minute track, giving ample time to manifest both artists’ vision for the song.

“Euphoria in Paradise – Naeiiv Walk Into Paradise Remix” builds on the ending of “Euphoria in Paradise – Naeiiv Remix” with that graphic thrill at its center, adding to the fascination and excitement the listener derives from this listening experience.

This EP is simply a clash of musical excellence, and the result is nothing short of amazing!

To stream this impressive body of work, follow the attached link and let the music take over and whisk you to another planet, or, if you like, paradise!

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