Rasta Ren, the professional moniker of Tacoma, WA-based Jamaican reggae and dancehall icon Wayne Taylor, has the dancehall music world at his fingertips thanks to how creative, innovative, and versatile he is. He is someone who presents dancehall and reggae in multiple ways while still honoring its originality and authenticity, and he likes to balance his craft, focusing not just on banging, tweeter-tearing, and ground-shaking beats but also on meaningful lyrical content. He always makes sure he spreads those positive vibes with which many people can identify on various levels. This, coupled with his magnetic charisma, is what separates him from other dancehall artists.

Rasta returns with a self-empowering anthem, “Money a Make” that speaks to him as much as the listener. This track serves as his proclamation of wealth and success, featuring assertive and bold words that revolve around getting money and that entrepreneurial mindset to multiply wealth.

Seamlessly transitioning from one verse to the next whilst maintaining a strong presence, Rasta lyrically finesses, smoothly riding the beat in a rap fashion, with his dancehall demeanor elevating the song’s appeal tenfold.

He is very confident, mature, and attention-grabbing. The catchy and infectious hooks create a memorable resonance, allowing the track to permanently stick in a listener’s mind and keep on haunting them even when they are not listening to it.

“Money a Make” is the perfect anthem to get anyone fired up and ready to claim greatness. Let the words infuse you with the energy needed to actualize your money-making ideas and transform them into fuel to achieve greatness by chasing success and having the required mindset to multiply your wealth and accumulate more assets.

“Money a Make” is what dancehall should be all about: empowering, captivating, and entertaining.

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