Qeuyl Leap

Take a leap of faith and experience a magical world born of pleasurable moments with delectable melodies as Ezekiel Benjamin, who goes professionally as Qeuyl, dazzles and marvels with his innate charisma, burning passion, and insatiable love for music. This multi-genre singer and songwriter have one of the most beautiful voices you have ever come across. His voice is undeniably the mark of mellifluous quality – so refined, pure, and appealing. He is able to blend the resplendent and nostalgic R&B with some catchy modern pop and other glorious styles to fashion an original sound brimming with authenticity and style!

Like a master of his own melodic domain; on May 8th, 2020, he literally set the world on fire with his delicious and inexpressibly catchy tune and video for “Leap”- a heavenly timeless masterpiece that is echoed in his harmonious R&B-defined vocals over the pop-sy lush and prolific instrumentation that groove its way from the speakers all the way to a listener’s heart.

This is a genuine melodic glow, and you will absolutely get lost in the splendid euphony – the haunting percussive pulls you in and compels you to remember this tune just from the first listen. They echo a certain disco feel to them, and you wouldn’t mind dancing with wild abandon under some blinding disco lights too! The feeling I get from this groundbreaking release is the same as putting Usher in a Swedish House Mafia record (feel me!).

I’m so glad I got the chance to listen to this mood-lifting tune, and I couldn’t get enough of those heartwarming vocals. They are so rich and glamorous and mold themselves with the melody to hypnotize a listener. The music video is also a high-quality view that has so far amassed over 1.7M views! You will absolutely enjoy watching it as you listen to the affecting harmonies, except maybe for the part the lady burns the food (Lol!).

This is that track you didn’t know you needed, but once you listen, you absolutely feel like a part of you that was missing is finally back!

Follow the attached link; subscribe to Qeuyl’s YouTube channel, watch this video, like it, leave a comment below and make it your favorite tune this summer and beyond – it just has to be!

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