I feel that when it comes to R&B music, very few emerging artists are meaningfully impacting the fabric of the genre as it deserves with their dynamic compositions. It is then so surreal to listen to the rapidly rising entertainer and progressive artist Prettyboytheartist who is doing everything within his power to give us a quality, authentic sound that we can reminisce to and enjoy all the same. Driven by an infectious draw to captivate listeners, he has brought back that signature, cutting-edge R&B through his compulsive voice and craftsmanship as a songwriter. For an artist who is going above and beyond to make you fall in love with the impeccable sound, he truly deserves his flowers while he can still smell them.

Prettyboytheartist has a new single, “Make Time,” that will officially drop on all the major streaming platforms on March 2023. I mean the nostalgic sound, the cadence, the beautifully haunting vocal presentation, and the deeply intimate lyrics. Prettyboytheartist really went into the studio and just made a hit!

I gotta be honest with y’all—talent like this is rare and few between. This tune is a radio staple from start to finish. The production is top-notch, and it has replay value. It is everything you’d want in your favorite jam and the best addiction to your playlist.

Speaking of that wholesome composition, this tune sees Prettyboytheartist explore the lines of love and romance in a powerfully captivating way as he goes on to breathe life into the lyrical narrative with his smooth and alluring vocals that you can never get enough of. His voice is just so smooth and sensual, and it flawlessly gives any listener an eargasm!

With Top 40 potential written all over this record, I have no doubt that once it officially drops, the music world won’t be able to resist its captivating quality. This is the mark of an artist who isn’t shy to bear his soul open in order to create that deep connection with his listener so as to capture both the power and vulnerability that can be found in each and every one of us…kudos for magnificent job well done!

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