PoochTooth is an up-and-coming LA-based punk rap artist and producer who is seeking to astonish the rap music world with his blend of punk, rap, and pop, backed by his poetic finesse. He has always possessed an insatiable passion for music, and now that he has the opportunity to transform this love and passion into a career, he has embraced it wholeheartedly. You can expect from this energetic and determined artist music that is unique yet accessible. Music that confronts real issues from love, heartbreak, and mental health, as well as sociopolitical issues and, you know, everyday life.

He wants his music to be both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant, and one that will leave listeners hungry for more. So, if you are ready to experience something incredibly brand new and authentic at the same time, how about you start following PoochTooth and be ready to savor something magical, mystical, and haunting as well?

PoochTooth is gearing towards the release of his new jam titled “Scorpio Shit” which will officially debut on November 11, 2023, on all major streaming platforms.

As a Scorpio himself, PoochTooth wants listeners to embrace their personalities and who they really are, and what a way to package and deliver this with a punk-steamed banger titled “Scorpio Shit!”
Blending nimble, thought-provoking flows with an intoxicating mix of punk rhythm and melody,

PoochTooth effortlessly showcases his dynamic persona as he masters the beat, taking listeners along for the ride.

This track is set to display PoochTooth’s lyrical prowess and his remarkable versatility as a storyteller and performer.

To stay a step ahead for when the tune drops, check out the pre-save link on PoochTooth’s Instagram bio and pre-save this jam.

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“Scorpio Shit” has the potential to be the next significant hit emerging from California!