As someone who has been doing music for a decade now, PlayNo has all the ingredients necessary to successfully make hit anthems. The gift of really great music producers has always been that they are exceptional songwriters and artists, and these are qualities that PlayNo possesses in his arsenal. After being behind the scenes for so long, he has decided to openly live his dream by releasing his original music. As a self-taught producer, you can imagine all the hard work and effort it took him to perfect his art. It’s actually intriguing because when you listen to his craft, you might be forgiven for thinking that he attended the best music school; he is just that good!

While most of his sound is hip-hop defined, he is not self-limited; with him, anything and everything goes because he grew up listening to all types of music that was playing on the radio. His focus now is to create music that is incredibly diverse and hard to pin down.

As someone who loves to dive deeper into groundbreaking and innovative sonic aesthetics so as to set the bar higher, it was not surprising that he was able to cook up a 20-piece original instrumental body of work titled “Wanted” that highlights his showmanship in sound design and innate abilities as a producer.

What you get from “Wanted” is an over 1-hour surreal listening experience with some high-energy bangers that feature filtered synths, organic components, deep-phased bass, electronic drums, and loops to make some of the tracks a bit industrial.

The soothing and haunting ambient synths perfectly crown the rhythm section in a track like “Slop Top.” No matter how many times you listen to these beats, you just can’t get enough of them!

“Murder He Wrote” is another genre-defying type of beat with so many coruscating features that drive the melodies, and as the track progresses, PlayNo adds some fascinating ideas to keep a listener heavily invested throughout its length.

With most of the tracks featuring consistent instrumentals, a listener will of course notice the subtle vocal samples dropped in that track “Vent2late” that add to its palette of appeal.

“Red Roses” features those kinds of earworming synths over the heavy beats that come off of that seamless blend of the pounding bass lines, atmospheric drums, iconic 808s, and anthemic patterns.

There really is a lot for listeners from all walks of life to sink their teeth into from this whole valuable collection; to understand what originality and coherence in production really feel like, follow the attached link and let your favorite tracks from “Wanted” calibrate that music library.

If you are an up-and-coming artist or even an established one looking to gain more traction in the music industry, PlayNo is looking for someone like you to interact with him DM him on his socials, or better yet, send him an email at

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