The first quarter of 2021 proved to be career-defining for one Washington native, PIVE with his debut album “I Will Forever Be” earning him widespread critical acclaim from far and wide. This project introduced a distinct, unique, and versatile artist to the hip-hop and rap worlds who isn’t afraid to do things a bit differently but with the same aim of creating soundtracks for a generation. So, as he dug deep into the creative process, he was not only giving his ardent fans entertaining music but also a piece of him. He poured more of himself into this project and allowed the listener to not only relate to the music but to feel him on a more personal level.

“I Will Forever Be Act 2” followed in 2022 and continued in the lyrical inventiveness, profundity, and heartfelt conviction of its predecessor, earning him even more international acclaim. And now he’s set to unleash the crème de la crème this coming October, and to get us in the mood, he has been scratching our musical itch with some of the tracks from the album; “Level Up” is the second single off of this grand finale.

Even by his impeccable standards, PIVE never ceases to astound, and with this raw masterpiece, he exceeds a listener’s expectations in every way. He blends intricate storytelling with poetic finesse, and the icing on the cake is that gravelly and authoritative voice that is just ideal for the genre.

He vividly paints pictures with his lyrics and that catchy and memorable hook at the track’s core. And in case you are wondering, “Level Up” is PIVE’s assertion of the levels he aspires to be at and which he is fast approaching with his top-level artistry.

Clearly, he is an artist destined for platinum success, and there is nothing that can stand in his way now; you just have to contend with that.

“Level Up” features a stupendous production and is one of the greatest representations of PIVE’s pen game, which is replete with masterful flows, provocative rhymes, and thought-inspiring and analytical punchlines.

To add “Level Up” to your existing PIVE catalog (you just have to have it; he has way too many bangers for you not to have his own playlist in your library!), follow the attached link and run it up for him.

“I Will Forever Be Act 3” will officially be available this coming October and promises to revolutionize the industry

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