A promise kept, a promise fulfilled—PIVE has finally dropped the grand finale to his “I Will Forever Be” series album, a journey that commenced in 2021 and immediately elevated him to the top-tier of the global rap music scene. Without a doubt, this new project is everything we had hoped it’d be. He did not disappoint, not in the slightest, delivering a grand finale worthy of closing this staggering chapter that has been marked with widespread and well-deserved critical acclaim.

He comes harder with tracks that ooze charisma and confidence, raw talent, and lyrical dexterity. This album displays a visceral poetic expression of his perspectives on life, the passions of life, and dealing with success and failure. Organic components, ethereal synth melodies, and hard-hitting 808’s, accompanied by motivational raps and soul-stirring hooks, underline the stories borrowed from his life.

He tugs at a listener’s heartstrings with “Lyrical Suicide” a raw, honest, and emotion-fueled masterpiece about dealing with life’s ugly reality. For him, the pen and paper dug him out from within a deep, dark hole where he was curled up with no sight of light or hope whatsoever. He uses his seemingly irredeemable experience to pass on the inspiration to the listener that they just need to hold onto something that makes them feel alive. Hold on to it and do it tightly because it might actually be the difference between life and death.

“Level Up” is an empowering anthem with a distinct beat that cuts across the golden age of contemporary rap with outstanding impact. PIVE unleashes some nimble flows and thought-sparking lyrics in line with the track’s uplifting theme.

“Ghost Like” is a thought-provoking banger with some deeply referential bars that sees PIVE put these wannabe emcees back in their places with some wise perspectives, a powerful hook, and an honest revelation that music is where he belongs and is not relinquishing his status till he draws his last breath. He really puts the self-proclaimed ‘rap kings’ to shame with his effortless authenticity.

This track has a supplementary music video featuring model and actress Romey Fox, shot in Greenwood Cemetery, the most haunted cemetery in Spokane, Washington. This displays boldness.

“Follow Our Souls” is smooth and stripped back, with a beautifully haunting beat backed by such ear-catching lyrics. The depth of the lyricism is magnificently complemented by the dexterous execution of the music. This is an ode to following your heart and doing that which makes you feel alive and belongs somewhere, and it borrows from PIVE’s own choice to go with music despite major doubts harbored by everyone around him!

Like I said, “I Will Forever Be Act 3” lives up to all our expectations and even supersedes them in ways not enough words can express.

All I can say is thank you to PIVE for putting in the time and effort to come up with something that transcends the music; these are the soundtracks to our lives and deserve to be treated as such!

To experience one of the best projects of the year, please follow the link below and spread the word because this album deserves to blow!

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