PIVE is rap music personified, and he prides himself on his limitless versatility and creativity as a songwriter and performer. His widespread, critically acclaimed album “I Will Forever Be” showcased PIVE’s dexterity as a hip-hop artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries of the rap genre. His willingness to blend both musical words—that is, the old and the new—sets him apart as an artist who is carving his own path in the industry.

“Follow Our Souls” is the first track of what is expected to be the final installment of the “I Will Forever Be” series album, with the 3rd installment that is expected later this year being the final piece to this unanimously acclaimed album that introduced to the rap world a first-class virtuoso who displayed such a dexterity towards meaningfully impacting the fabrics of the genre.

This track is straight-fire; right from the beats down to that smooth deliverability! The flow is so smooth; it’s like silk, and the lyrics are so real and relatable.

The storyline on this track is actually on another level, as PIVE passionately draws from his own life to connect with the listener on a higher conscious level. The way the beat drops in the chorus is emotionally gratifying and eargasmic!

The way the beat switches up is so sick and hypnotizing, and PIVE’s deliverability is simply smooth like butter as he inspires the listener to always follow their dreams through his own affirmation of following his soul when it comes to his music.

The production value of the accompanying music is through the roof, and the cinematography depicted by the insane visuals is nothing short of stunning. The editing is top-notch, and the energy exuded in the video is simply unmatched and contagious.

“Follow Our Souls” is what real rap music sounds like; PIVE’s passion for music is evident in every bar he spits…quite simply sensational!

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