With a unique ear for innovative sound, Pipi Pango takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres and styles, bringing his vibrant, feel-good, and infectious rhythms to the global stage. His sound is an ear-worming blend of afro beats, pop, R&B, dancehall, and other exotic influences, creating crisp, one-of-a-kind releases and performances while absorbing listeners with an unmatched emotional intensity. He notes that the aim of his art is to uplift, motivate, and inspire people, creating music that is astoundingly authentic, and oozing originality. With faith, Pango plans to progress to the top by breaking down the barriers surrounding musical genres, developing and presenting new sounds, and leaving a notable mark in the world of music.

He is back with another banger, “Aje (Spirit of Wealth)” featuring another phenomenally gifted artist, KAYFLAME. This tune features such a spiritual theme and is a catchy, infectious anthem that stays with you even after you are done listening.

You’ve got to appreciate the beat arrangement here—upbeat and vibrant, and one that allows the vocalists to do their thing. Pango slinks through the beat with his slightly auto-tuned vocals, capturing the essence of the track with his captivating delivery and memorable hooks.

The more the tune progresses, the more it draws a listener in, allowing them to get engaged thanks to its easily quotable lyrics that are mostly sung in Yoruba.

“Aje (Spirit of Wealth)” is a proper afrobeat anthem with an outstanding theme at its heart—one that means so much to not only the people of Yoruba land but also to so many around the world since Aje is an annual festival in Ife that is led by his royal majesty King of Ife and is celebrated around the globe.

Already streaming on all the popular channels, “Aje (Spirit of Wealth)” is ripe for your own consumption; follow the link below and add this jam to your own playlist.

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