Channeling the nostalgia of trap and metal rock, Pidge is captivating fans and critics alike with their genre-blending fusion. While many might categorize them as a rapper, it’s clear that their versatility in music knows no bounds. They effortlessly straddle the realms of trap metal, hyper-pop, hardcore, and the gritty industrial sound, creating an immersive, unique sonic experience.

Their new collaborative project, “BLAM!” features Los Angeles multimedia artist Calvin Kingston, where both artists push the boundaries of their musical imagination, fusing their unmatched passion for music with their inherent talents. This is not just music; it’s a high-energy, vibe-striking auditory journey.

The opening track “GUALLA//IDC” is the embodiment of the entire album’s thrilling energy. It’s direct, hard-hitting, and full of head-nodding energy from start to finish. The melodies and rhythm are impressively layered with hardcore elements, creating a hypnotic anthem best enjoyed at maximum volume.

On the mic, Pidge and Calvin deliver hard-charging rhymes, thought-provoking observations, and punchline-heavy flows with unmatched energy.

“HEROIN” is a whirlwind of hardcore instrumentals, met with equally hard-hitting flows from Pidge and Calvin. Their distinct vocals blend with the banging beat to create an atmospheric experience that transports listeners to a different realm.

The title track, “BLAM!” is a transcendental trap masterpiece that showcases Pidge’s lyrical prowess. This aggressive, punchline-heavy track is a unique blend of diverse flows, infused with euphoric energy and lyrical conviction. Pidge and Calvin’s wordplay, hard punchlines, and unique cadences are sure to leave you impressed.

“THE ANGRIEST SONG HERE” lives up to its name with its high metal inspiration and a wild mix of higher, sharper, and smoother instrumentals paired with the distinctive voices typical of metal rock. If you’re looking to let off some steam, this track will leave you feeling revitalized.

“JUST FOR SHOW” is another standout, featuring a deep-phased, sawtooth bassline that rattles the floor. The duo’s taunting voices float over the impeccable blend of rhythm and melody, ensuring a memorable listening experience.

“BLAM!” marks a new level in Pidge’s career, as it’s already racking up impressive stream numbers on popular digital platforms. This EP underscores the unlimited creativity and versatility that has marked Pidge’s career to date.

To stream this EP in its entirety, follow the attached link and add the tracks you love most to your playlist.

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