Phlux Ascent’s “The Grandest of Games” is a coherent 9-track album, where each song seamlessly transitions into the next, drawing inspiration from classics like “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator”, while also exploring new territories. This is a worthy album to be in the spotlight and proves that Ryan Pryor, known as Phlux Ascent, is a burst of talent, and his electronic music blends cinematic flair with ambient beauty, captivating listeners.

With this album, he delves into uncharted territories of the electronic genre, taking us on a groundbreaking sonic journey.

With a track like “In Everything, Nothing” a listener is transported to a cinematic cyberpunk-ambient-robotic world that only Phlux Ascent can conjure up. This track is heavy on musical storytelling and ambient musical beds that fill your ears with rich musical and robotic vocal lines that fill your soul with an essential experimental yet absolutely comfortably digestible musical world that you don’t wish to leave any time soon.

“Paragajisnu” delivers a theatrical, adrenaline-charged experience that’s uniquely captivating. This track could be scored for a horror film because it has all the desirable qualities if you ask me.

“Vestige of the Arundenien” is like a musical entanglement that takes you on a seek-and-find mission with new discoveries to be made along the way. There is a dark, experimental feel about this one that elevates it to greater heights and heightens its impact.

“The Horse and The Rider” exudes a dynamic, vibrant energy, packing quite an unforgettable, vibrant melody. “Samnyasa” features striking and dense kicks, and “Lords of Now” has an undeniable rock attitude and swagger!

It’s hard to tell what Phlux Ascent does that makes “The Grandest of Games” so evocative and unforgettable—only that he did. His music uplifts listeners, connecting them to a deeper, perhaps even spiritual, force.

There’s something unexplainable in this project—a phenomenon that can’t be explained by logic. He really makes you think about avant-garde music in new ways…ways that are essentially about the unknown!

“The Grandest of Games” deserves to be relished from top to bottom and not cherry-picked if you wish to savor that surreal listening experience in its entirety. Follow the link and sink your teeth into this masterpiece!