His love for country music can be traced back to his early childhood as he was born into a family of fervent music lovers particularly his father Charles R. Sanders who was a professional traditional country music songwriter. Philip Sanders has incorporated years of country music influences and has released several chart-topping hit country songs. He is back again and this time is set to release a dazzling romanticized single, “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” containing a splendid array of country elements with hints of rock. The melody has an edge to it, maintaining a spectacular harmonic musicality and an infectious aural vibrancy. The composition of the song has a harmonic melody shimmering on and adds a unique tenderness to an emphasis on the delicate piano, electric and acoustic guitar, bass and drums. All this is backed up by Sander’s natural vocal texture and surprisingly intimate lead singing.

The music is a romantic textbook with Phillip particularly contrite about his mistake that led to the separation of the love of his life and whom he can’t get off his mind and wants back. He is unable to control his emotions every time he is close to her and will only be saved from his mysteries if he gets his queen back. “I wouldn’t be half the man I am…I couldn’t do half the things I can…I probably wouldn’t give a damn…if I didn’t love you girl…” the track’s instrumentals is dominated by the electric and acoustic guitars which set up the magnetic appeal of the song with its catchy groove and rhythm. Phillip backs up the shimmering instrumentals with a vibrant and expressive vocal performance as he intimately delivers the emotion in the song’s lyrics in his hypnotizing virtuosic and melodic voice. His wide vocal range and improvisation to shift with the song’s mood with an impassioned aptitude indicts this one to the hall of fame of the greatest country music ever produced.

His recently released single “Over a Beer” is kicking into gear with the undeniable influence it was destined to have. “Over A Beer” has just touched #2 on the UK iTunes chart and all indications point to it reaching #1 sooner rather than later. Phillip Sanders is true to his nature who has concentrated on growing his vast music capability, expanding his philanthropic pursuits through his God-given gift and producing genuinely memorable tunes that will last forever. You will have to get used to see him dominate your music charts because this effervescent release will pick up where his other chart-topping hits left.

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