PDG Stephen distinguishes himself from the average rapper; staying true to the standards he sets for himself and his music has always been paramount for him. He has always wanted his music to appeal to the right audience without compromising his core values, and that’s why he is not afraid of tapping into his vulnerability in order to create music that connects to its audience on a deep, personal level. And what really sets him apart is that he makes music that he loves instead of merely producing hits, and you can sense it in the songs he makes. Standing out among today’s rap artists, PDG Stephen is bringing a fresh look and an innovative sound that is turning the heads of fans and critics alike…a distinctive look and refreshing sound, offering a complete package in the music industry.

PDG is back with an enthralling new single titled “Feelings” that is guaranteed to have you embracing the vibe and connecting emotionally thanks to its deeply relatable lyrics.

Stephen’s unique blend of singing and rapping complements the catchy instruments that have been picked perfectly for this jam. The beat here has that epic, dance-floor feel to it, and that lovely arrangement makes everything meld seamlessly because PDG’s infectious melodic flow calls for a minimalist instrumental backdrop for his stunning voice to have the maximum impact on the listener. As such, familiar hi-hat, snare, and 808 sounds with very basic, predictable patterns can be heard throughout this jam.

The track gets off with that infectious hook that stays with the listener outside the song. Throughout, PDG maintains a strong presence, exuding such confidence and charisma with some witty flows that are honest, introspective, and vulnerable.

An enchanting confession for love and affection, “Feelings” is bound to resonate with anyone who has ever felt intense emotions towards someone and felt like they were the missing puzzle in their lives.

To enjoy this track, check the link, and as you do, make sure you add the tune to your playlist.