It takes a great musician to make music based on his own personal experiences, and Paul Anthony fits the bill. His music has a level of passionate intensity not frequently found. Creating pieces that people can relate to is at the heart of Paul Anthony’s musical passion. His mixtape “Dream Sequences” is a collection of extremely relatable songs that will undoubtedly have mass appeal. Unlike others, he is unconcerned about the current trends in the music industry and just creates music that he is passionate about. This is undoubtedly one of the factors contributing to his ever-expanding fan base.

“Dream Sequences” marks a major shift from Mr. Anthony’s previous 15+ years of primarily Reggae and Dancehall style into the LoFi Hip-Hop arena. The Mixtape makes a massive impact through sensory sound and textured sounds, revealing the sheer force of the gripping strength in Paul Anthony’s relationship to music; and he holds nothing back in the pursuit of the soundscape, as this album demonstrates.

Anthony has a bravely explorative set-list designed to take the listener on a seriously immersive ride they won’t forget, and he’s honest in saying exactly what’s on his mind, exactly how he wants to express it. He keeps nothing out on his upcoming mixtape and makes a totally bold statement with the dynamic content streaming fluidly during “Dream Sequences,” which is as unfiltered, raw, and genuine as it gets. He acknowledges that his music has the power to change people’s minds, especially those suffering from anxiety and that his emotions are intended to be expressed through his creations in the best way he knows how.

“Overthinker” instinctively pricks at the raw human emotion and tendency to “Overthink” our every step. The song “Flow” is about falling in love in the modern age via social media. “No Rush” transports us on a late-night drive under a starry night sky in search of mental insight and intimacy. “Poetry In Motion” is about the beauty of life, taking into account both the negative and positive aspects while maintaining an optimistic tone.

Each song has a different soundscape, yet there is an unstoppable passion that remains constant. This versatility of exceptional musical senses distinguishes him not only in the midst of the hip-hop frenzy but also as an artist ready to give the world hope and momentum to move forward.

Anthony is also committed to providing the quality production of a true professional in order to provide real insight, bold emotion, thought-provoking lyricism, and unforgettable moments to music lovers all over the world by putting his sincere heart and soul into every second of the songs he writes. This year, Paul Anthony is excited to share his charismatic vocals and radiantly authentic sound with the world through vibrantly enticing new songs – he has the sheer talent required to create songs that hold up with timeless style, all with the intention of listeners resonating with his music.


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