A phenomenal superstar who was always destined for greatness, Pastor Weed is more than just an ordinary artist and songwriter. He is a visionary artist who has been redefining the music landscape with his unique blend of soca, reggae, and hip-hop, complemented by the soulful lyrics of his genre-defying sound and unwavering dedication to his craft. Growing up, his artistic journey commenced during his formative years when he unearthed his natural affinity for music, and he has never looked back since, forging his own path in the ’90s and coming through the ranks to achieve greatness even after ditching the record label he was affiliated with and deciding to go independent.

Pastor Weed is also an author, ordained minister, and marijuana farmer. One thing is for sure: his music reflects his real-life experiences and multifaceted personality, and that’s what makes it resonate with unique audiences!

Pastor Weed returns with a captivating and universally appealing birthday anthem dubbed “If Today’s Your Birthday” featuring another homegrown talent, Tre$$ who adds to the track’s depth and uniqueness.

Captivating beyond just the five senses, this track’s unique blend of soca and afrobeats with that signature Caribbean twist earns it that immediacy. On the mic, Pastor Weed seamlessly blends rapping and singing and rounds out the performance with that catchy and unforgettable chorus that will remain stuck in a listener’s head long after the song ends.

The beat here is catchy and a seamless fit to the feel-good vibe captured by the track’s lyrics about enjoying your birthday to the fullest…if indeed it is!

The perfect vibe, ideal beat, and impeccable execution—what more could a listener ask for?

Already streaming on all the major platforms globally, this is your chance to experience a sound born of greatness combined with striking competency!

Follow the link and add this birthday anthem to your playlist…don’t forget to share it with someone celebrating their birthday too!

For the latest on Pastor Weed’s music, visit: https://linktr.ee/pastorweed.