Pastor Weed is an artist in the truest sense of the word and someone who prides himself on his authenticity and innate competency to breathe life into society’s most significant issues with his music. His overarching ambition is to inspire, empower, and uplift the listener as much as entertain them, and that is why his music is peppered with relatable lyricism spanning love, heartbreak, politics, and unity, among many other issues spanning real-life. His style is hugely eclectic; taking cues from a variety of genres and styles such as reggae, hip-hop, soca, and dancehall and giving them life with his sweet-sounding vocals to drive relatable themes home.

Pastor Weed returns with another purposeful and infectious jam dubbed “Go Hard” with raw and honest lyrics that reflect the power of standing out from the crowd, speaking your mind and truth, and not allowing other people to make your decisions on your behalf.

The stunning guitars drive the track’s rhythm forward and give the jam its quintessential reggae vibe, the bass adds depth and color to the mix, and the drums inject the track with its infectious energy. This excellent production provides the ideal backdrop for Pastor Weed’s unmistakable vocals as he sings from his heart and soul.

The beauty of this jam is how real the lyrics are, and the unforgettable chorus encapsulates the song’s thematic essence about embodying the make of a rock, toughening up, speaking what’s on your mind, and shouting it out!

Catchy, infectious, and memorable with universal appeal, “Go Hard” is an anthem that anyone could do with right now; -a masterpiece to remind you of the importance of standing up for what you believe in even when it means walking a lonely path.

How about you add this jam to your favorite playlist and recommend it to your friends. I am sure they’ll appreciate such a tour de force as this with its meaningful message.