PaidInBlues is a rapper with the ability of lyrical brilliance and other critical hip-hop traits who seeks to bring back the spirit of raw hip-hop through his compositions. The rapper has released “Hustle Attitude,” an impressive rap number with a hard-hitting rhythmic cadence that serves as the perfect scenic backdrop for his spectacular rhyming, with a smooth meandering vocal sound.

“Hustle Attitude” starts with an incredibly catchy hook that sets the tone for the rest of the song. I knew I was in for something remarkable long before his verse started. This song is an absolute BANGER because of the way his flows rhythmically play off of the beat. His rhymes are free of ambiguity, and each line flows seamlessly into the next. This is not always the case with many contemporary artists who freestyle straight off the dome. But, as previously said, PaidInBlues is not your typical rapper.

I found myself grooving hard to the beat before the first verse finished. Another important factor in making this single perform so well is its overall quality. “Hustle Attitude”  was built to be played again and again. After just one listen, you’ll want to go back and redo the whole experience.