Both art and music production require ingenuity, something many adults have lost over the years; however, Out Runner, the music producer and artist, remains an exception. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of art and a commitment to creating truly unique works, Out Runner’s talent extends far beyond music. He is a leading purveyor of high-energy cyberpunk, rock n’ roll, synthwave, and a broad range of ambient electronica music for melomaniacs, misfits, and lost souls. Out Runner’s self-titled album, “OUT RUNNER”, is a 7-track collection, crafting bold new songs with pulsating beats, driving basslines, intricate percussion, and swirling synths and tunes you’ll be humming for the rest of the week!

Out Runner returns with a self-titled album, “OUT RUNNER”- a 7-track collection that sees him stretch the boundaries of Cyberpunk, Rock n’ Roll, and synthwave backed by such instrumental dexterity, muscular electric riffs, and outstanding all-round production!

From the echoing alleys of a digitized world, “OUT RUNNER” emerges—a fusion of cyberpunk spirit and the chase of synthwave. As the story unfolds, it carries us through a neon universe where every note paints a different shade of the night.

The opening track, “The Fallout” sets the tone for the entire album since it is where the story begins; each note here is a heartbeat, each rhythm a memory, guiding the listener through a euphoric journey as the melodies rekindle the magic found in this track. The driving electro beats and the striking sawtooth synth leads have been excellently arranged with meticulous attention to detail to authenticate something unforgettable!

“Duality” is more than just a track. It’s like a sonic time machine that transports audiences back to electric nights someplace unknown, where the beats, the lights, and the shared euphoria all come alive in this melody. As you listen, you imagine yourself amidst the crowd, dancing with reckless abandon to the rhythm of memories and reliving those memorable moments!

“New Beginning” isn’t just a melody; it’s the rhythm of pushing boundaries and surpassing your own limits. In its own unique way, I feel like this track propels a listener to embrace the grind and reach for the next level. So, close your eyes and let the melodies transport you to another realm.

The massive riffs in “Lost City” are simply incredible. The fusion of rhythm and tension here seems inspired by the intricate scenes from a Tyler Rake extraction movie. As you listen, try to imagine yourself in the midst of a Tyler Rake-esque style scene—subdued yet intense, a dance of shadows and beats, and a musical narrative that echoes the determination, the pulse-pounding moments, and the electrifying energy of that very moment.

“No Way Back” emerges as the perfect track for a workout. This track ignites the fire within and pushes the listener to conquer the changes that lie ahead. As the beats pulse, imagine the challenges becoming easier, the obstacles becoming smaller, and your determination becoming unbreakable. I love how it starts slow then suddenly gains depth, pace, and power, backed by such a hypnotic melodic arrangement that stays with you outside of the track…this track is quite simply magical!

There has always been something undeniably liberating about taking a solo drive. The open road spreads out ahead of you, offering a somewhat heightened sense of freedom and possibility that’s hard to find anywhere else. Now imagine taking that drive with heart-pumping melodies in “Drive” oozing off the speakers…let it all soak in; it’s indescribably beautiful, right?

The last track, “Encounter” really is a masterclass in rock n’ roll, with its swagger and personality concocted from the raucous and rip-roaring riffs, the pounding drums, and the immersive synths. Out Runner transports listeners into the heart of a cinematic nightclub scene where everybody is moving like no one’s watching and not caring who’s in their way!

In its entirety, this album echoes the spirit of authenticity, inviting a listener to embrace the rhythm as a tool to enjoy life’s most profound moments!

To sink your teeth into this incredible body of work, follow the link and relish!

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