Orange Dolla Fox is an artist who has made it to my top playlist with his creative qualities, offering unsettling moments with his catchy sounds. The music producer is remarkable in his approach, and his modern sounds infused with an exceptional flavor will undoubtedly captivate any listener. What I like best about his music is the diverse range of sounds and the no-boundaries-attached kind of creativity that the producer fosters. It’s unusual to come across such tremendously talented artists who transport you across the world just from their music. With a similar influence, he has released his latest 15-track album, ‘Don’t Fox With Me.’ Some of the best in the lot are ‘Wah Gwaan’, Mash Up’, ‘Energy’, ‘Kill Person’ and ‘Africa.’

Overall, Orange Dolla Fox demonstrates his prowess as a fantastic producer and songwriter. The album is bound to strike a chord with so many people who will relate with them on various levels. Orange Dolla Fox embraces versatile music, blending the album’s various sounds and textures.