Or Golan Havagabond

Or Golan has been your favorite producer emerging from Israel who brings such levels of expertise and ingenuity to his artistry so as to mirror everyday life emotions that we experience as humans. And this is what makes his productions deeply resonant as it allows the listeners that solace by ensuring the emotional content is something the listeners can gravitate toward. By fusing elements from a majority of electronic sounds such as EDM, house, and others, he is able to articulate universally acceptable melodies like his most successful single, “I am Greedy” which sold over 200 K copies and received plaudits/airplay, reviews and monumental stream numbers from radios, magazines and digital platforms respectively.

He is now back with another endearing track titled, “Havagabond”- an exceedingly phenomenal and emotionally pulling tune that most listeners will deeply relate with. This track was inspired by the sole theme of introverted persons who just enjoy their own company and are never bothered because that is who they are and nothing can change that!

The tune revolves around a melancholic emotion but the melody is uncontrollably euphonic; consistently haunting and surging with its EDM-infused spark all the way from the beginning to the end. The elements here are breathtakingly arranged to secure one seamless and coherent body of work that will be felt right across your chest where your heart rests!

This is the type of tune you listen to with nothing but an open mind and heart, headphones over your ears, and looking straight into the sky for that heightened impact and before you know it, you are deeply lost inside your own thoughts and you just want to camp there.

I can foresee a very bright future for this track for it undoubtedly possesses those radio staple qualities.

Stay in here and watch as Or Golan and “Havagabond” take listeners by surprise.

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