Providing original music at the core of gripping stories and real-life emotions, musician, composer, and guitarist Omer B always reaches the heart of every project that he is involved with, and that is what sets him apart from the rest. He is an ingenious creator who leverages his unique innate ability to present music in multiple ways while still maintaining a consistent brand. He is also an amateur race driver who loves the thrill and intensity of racing! His sound really is genre-defying; he alternates between rock, pop, blues, gospel, funk, and jazz, with the overarching ambition being to get listeners completely lost in the music as he transports them to another dimension.

His latest project, titled “Little Four Points” has an irresistibly unique power that defies resistance, transcending even the toughest of hearts. The rich melodies weave through the cracks in our emotional armor, unlocking a world of feelings and deep connections that words alone could never hope to reach!

A genre-bending musical piece that is a rich tapestry of rock and funk, this tune has such a spellbinding impact on any listener who is lucky enough to be in contact with it. From the electric guitar flourishes, the stunning drum flows, the exciting flute elements, and the captivating bass cadence, this song really is magical!


Everything here is working in perfect harmony with one another to create a piece of magic that achieves what it set out to do.

And it’s the energetic nature of this tune is highly energetic that really ingratiates itself with the listener, who can’t quite get enough of such exemplary instrumental playing.

And the connection and chemistry exuded between all the players contribute to the high-ranking success of the tune…it’s like they’ve been playing together for years—the way everything seamlessly connects.

When words fail, music speaks with a profound and universal language that transcends all barriers. For Omer, a tune like this is a source of endless expression that is more direct and efficient than any combination of words could say!

“Little four points” is now streaming on all the popular platforms; follow the link and enjoy this masterpiece to the fullest!

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