Taking the hip-hop and rap music industry by storm is none other than North Side Will; a name that you should familiarize yourself with since he means business and he is the real deal. North Side Will, a native of South Carolina, brings a refreshing change to a music industry plagued by monotony and struggling to regain authenticity due to societal pressure to conform. In an era where the originality of hip-hop and rap has been massively questioned, North Side Will is here to restore the lost glory of the golden age of rap, backed by a futuristic flair that appeals to both generations, bridging the gap between these two fiercely contesting generations.

North Side Will recently launched his 11-track LP “Even Higher Fashion” where he showcases his growth not only as a hip-hop artist but also as a person. This album is much more than just a collection of tracks; it’s an immersive experience that delves deep into the core of human emotions and showcases the true power of hip-hop music to tell relatable stories. It is little surprise that the album is garnering massive positive buzz on the international scene and elevating Will’s acclaim at the same time. He truly deserves it with this masterpiece.

The jam “This Time Around” is track number 5 off of this album, and it is a special piece of work that transcends mere hip-hop and rap appeal. This is heart and soul, a brilliant showcase of penmanship, charisma, and performance value to capture the heart and mind of a listener from the very first note to the last one.

First, we have to appreciate North Side Will’s willingness to take us back to familiar territory with that smooth and haunting beat reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop. In an instant, the beat hits a listener right in the nostalgia, prompting them to nod their head or move their body as they feel the music from head to toe, even before Will starts breathing life and elevating the jam to new heights.

On the mic, North Side Will is bold, charismatic, expressive, and authentic; a powerful testament to his first-rate experience as he blends raw, relatable, and personally inspired bars with imaginative flows, capturing the essence of the jam with unmatched finesse.

The way he walks over this beat feels like they were made for each other; switching flows like he’s switching lanes with his expensive Audi, hitting all the right notes over this hauntingly beautiful soundscape as he speaks highly of his worth and gives an ode to his individuality that has allowed him to forge his own path to greatness, following it one step at a time.

Snatching your soul with hard-hitting flows and catchy, memorable hooks that stay with you outside the song, Will ensures his mission is complete by the end of this track, leaving listeners meditating as they press the play button all over again to immerse themselves in such hip-hop and rap greatness.

Hip-hop and rap don’t get better than ‘This Time Around’ — this is a super cool jam with exquisite production and a self-assured delivery that leaves nothing to be desired. This performance right here is also a thorough reflection of what the whole album “Even Higher Fashion” is all about—real, raw, and relatable content backed by lyrical and production prowess.

Take some time to catch the vibe in “This Time Around,” and as you do, go a step further to recommend the jam to your friends.

Remember; “got be careful on what you ask for while out there taking shots” because North Side Will isn’t taking the easy route and he’s coming even harder than they thought…this to me sounds like the warning shots have been fired and it’s up to the industry to respond. And even as they do, they must remember that he is focusing on what he’s got and what he’s got is a lot. How about that!