Nicolette is a singer-songwriter with the gift of getting to the heart of her craft; she possesses that knack to tap into emotional features with her music so as to create a deep connection with her listener. Her impressive catalog thus far boasts phenomenal vocal arrangements, undeniably catchy grooves, and all-around incredible performances. Over the time she has been in the music industry, Nicolette has proven to be a powerful lyricist, empathetic, and passionate about the music she makes. Her innate ability to intimately connect with her audience is profound and interconnected!

Her latest jam, “Arrived,” has been on heavy rotation everywhere, winning critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. Having listened to it several times, it is my firm opinion that this tune embodies a radio staple from start to finish.

The dulcet piano tones hit so carefully lay the foundation for the track and exude such a sentimental feeling from within a listener. Following closely behind is Nicolette with her velvety, sultry, soulfully raw, and vulnerably powerful voice as she sings deep into your soul. There is just something about that voice that feels so heavenly—it’s so smooth and chocolaty!

The bass-dripped beats and bouncing drums then follow skillfully with Nicolette’s sweet-toned vocals, making their presence felt all through. As the track builds, there is that thick wave of saxophone percussion that is added, and it gives this track that cinematic touch, heightening the impact and building up on the tension that really adds that dash of excitement and increasing brilliance to this magical masterpiece.

Closing the distance between her haunting vocals and the arresting melodies is a deeply sentimental theme about a heart recollecting long-gone memories of a nurtured love in its final break-up stages…embracing the abrupt of its somewhat bittersweet journey, never having reached its intended destination!

The deeply relatable topic at its heart, that unmatched vocal presentation, the luxuriously stylish instrumentation, and the deft arrangement is why “Arrived” is a must-have on your playlist. Follow the attached link and make it count!

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