Since he laid foot into the music scene, Nico Bleu has fashioned a very versatile and nostalgic eclectic sound has been effective in its execution and energetic in its performance value. As someone who was raised on a wide variety of musical genres, it is only natural that his style is a reflection of his lifelong musical influences. Nico Bleu has managed to carve out a hybrid style all his own by blending R&B with other influences such as jazz, pop, rock, and hip hop. With an ever-expanding catalog under his belt, absolutely nothing can stop the wave of momentum he has generated.

Perhaps to get a glimpse of this prodigious creator who exudes such a righteous, self-inspired swagger about his craft, his unanimously acclaimed single, “All Night,” is an elegant blend of R&B over a splash of trap soul. Reflective, upbeat, vibrant, and confident, Blue seamlessly fuses old-school R&B with trap soul, taking you on a journey of self-awareness, transparency, and love.

So, when you think of Nico Bleu; just think of fresh concepts with relatable views; he is just someone who cannot be boxed, as his debut album, “Blue Notes,” confirmed to that effect!

To those out there who were fearing the worst of the R&B sound, worry no more because Nico Bleu is the future of the sound, and he has been proving beyond reasonable doubt that he has what it takes to bring the sound back to its revered status.

A cultural force worthy of international acclaim, Blue really is the GOAT and he deserves more flowers than he currently is getting. On 4th March this year, Bleu has something big that will hit impact like a tsunami!

Without giving much information about it, Blue was only willing to share as much—he just says y’all better be ready for something extraordinarily huge, and while I am no prophet, I have a feeling that his new project (single or album) will demand the entire industry’s attention…one thing about me, I am never wrong!

While we patiently wait for Nico Bleu to make his move, it’s only wise that you check out some of his incredible craft via the attached link. Also, follow him on his socials to stay in the loop on his endeavors. Peace!

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