Ex-radio personality, filmmaker, presidential and humanitarian award-winner, and 2-time Billboard Top 100 songwriter Tim Greene achingly watched as world leaders, parents, aunties, adults, and so many of us motivated kids by telling them they are our future but without giving them any meaningful platforms to lay the foundation, and he thought he’d had enough. For him, the future starts now with NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE; the youngest voice of hip-hop that recognizes kids’ talents and allows them to create their own content that they can listen to wherever!

Just like a journey of 1000 miles, this one started with a single step and has morphed into this online sensation with viral applause on social media platforms. And just as the musical world is still reminiscing about 50 years of hip-hop, there couldn’t have been a better time for the birth of NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE.

With an expanding platform and online radio presence based in Hollywood, California, the intention is to recognize those young talents in hip-hop and give them a voice. There are free workshops and seminars where every young kid aged between 5 and 13 years is invited and their input is amalgamated into decision-making. This is a project that recognizes them and wants them to feel valued, to let them assume control, and to showcase their talents to the world.

There are many times you don’t want to play music on the radio or from a cassette while taking your kid to school because, you never know, a song might come on there and the artist might be using violent or inappropriate language. You just don’t want this kind of music to influence your kid, and that’s where NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE comes in.

The kids get to listen to other kids like them sing and rap about things they resonate with on a basic child level. I’ve listened to some of the material there, and I’m impressed. For example, there is a song there about not talking to strangers, which is really impactful, especially in this era. All our kids could do with this.

You asked, and Tim Greene delivered, once again showcasing his mammoth philanthropic heart. For more details, visit the website at www.nextkidsworldwide.com. And if you have a talented kid out there, help them record their music or videos and send them to nextkids123@gmail.com