Growing up in the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, Nero Glace had to do with very limited options in a life permeated with more crime and violence than opportunities for growth. Seeing that he had a thing for music, he decided to follow his artistic passion amidst all the uncertainty and a not-very-conducive environment. With such hard work, grit, and resilience, we are now talking about an artist who has been earning an up-and-coming notice in the south coast rap scene.

Nero Glace has been carving his own niche in hip-hop music as he does not feel compelled to merely copy his predecessors but has instead been demonstrating, with near-flawless execution, a sound of his own within the tradition of first-rate emceeing!

“Sneaky Link” poetically links up two highly rated Memphis emcees: Nero Glace and Hp Debo who are more like brothers and have been developing an unbreakable bond and chemistry between them that gets better with every new release together…”Sneaky Link” is their third single together!

“Sneaky Link” is a certified boy-child anthem that has been delivered from a content male’s point of view—someone who is in the best shape of his life romantically and is beyond the manipulation of getting heartbroken.

That chorus that stirs things up; – overflowing with catchy hooks is why this track will be a straight favorite from the get-go. Hp Debo comes through with masterful flows and wise perspectives over the heavy production to ingeniously supplement this track.

Nero Glace then takes over and takes the listener with him as he unleashes some razor-sharp wordplay and clever punchlines in between the memorable chorus. He is direct and pulls no punches, delivering in the most poetic and creative way possible to get the listener hooked all the way through.

“Sneaky Link” is a straight masterpiece with replay value and features pristine production and high-grade lyricism from elite emcees that are on a meteoric rise to the top of the Tennessee rap scene!

To indulge in this certified street banger; follow the attached link and let “Sneaky Link” sneak its way into your music library!

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