NEPHI is just about the next favorite act coming through the rap and R&B roster! This versatile and talented born and raised in Stockton California but with Filipino/Tongan roots is seriously making his case by employing his inventive magic to make hip-hop tunes that evoke some kind of nostalgic feelings you haven’t yet experienced! Balancing the weight of hip-hop and R&B to satisfying scales; this dynamic king is making ageless music that will still smell as fresh 10 years down the line as they do now!

And while it is good manners to give people their roses while fresh and while they still can smell them, this genuinely brilliant artist is on his way to achieving superstardom. You can take this information to the bank and deposit it and put me as your guarantor! Musically he is enjoying his craft as much as he is making off of it and in just a matter of time, he will be blowing up and sitting at the touchstone of global eminence- just take a back seat and watch out!

NEPHI has a new captivating groove dubbed “Chill With You” that he is set to drop officially on all the streaming platforms this coming Friday, May the 20th. And to say this tune is magnificent would actually be an understatement! This I the kind of chilled vibe that gives off those summertime moods with the gracious modesty and intensity all being adroitly blended taking a listener on a holiday journey across the beach.

This is the tune for all occasions and especially the weekend and holiday ones! This would slap differently on some Italian Beach overlooking the sun rays spread across the full length of a clear and spotless sky as you sip some espresso and gelato! From its melodic intro to the outro where the stunning west-side hip-hop beats are blended proficiently with that delicious brimming R&B flavor to the groundbreaking effects as NEPHI offers some smooth mature flows in between the scintillating chorus sections!

I can promise you that this is exactly the weekend starter pack and will be overwhelming you albeit effortlessly with that feel-good type of vibe and mood. Patience dictates that 5th is when we get to bask in the wealth of its glamorous radiance!

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