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Neither Could Dylan is the project of multi-talented singer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer Jaimee Jakobczak, based out of Woodbridge, Ontario. She is an artist who is unapologetically herself, and that is what makes her music so special. Her passion for crafting music that resonates with everyone is evident in each of her tracks, and her dedication to her craft is truly inspiring.

What really sets Neither Could Dylan apart from other artists is her authenticity. She isn’t afraid to share her personal experiences and emotions in her music, and that is what makes her songs so relatable.

Her new album “Acceptance” offers a glimpse into her evolution as an artist with lyrical content that speaks to the power of intention supported by persistence to overcome the limits of the mind, all the while continuously developing a deep connection to our true selves!

“Chemical Therapy” is a single off this collection, and I can confidently say that this performance is therapy for the rock community. The way she chops those intensely raw riffs, backed by the stylishly luxurious drums, is reason enough to get you hypnotized.

The goal for Neither Could Dylan has always been to create classic masterpieces that will stand the test of time, and “Chemical Therapy” is a shining example of that dedication to the craft.

Neither Could Dylan’s self-assured vocals fit perfectly to this kind of style, with her vivid storytelling panache apparent throughout this performance.

The sound is crisp and polished. The mix is spot on, and the production is of the highest quality possible.

This is what timeless and catchy feel like. We need more music like this; these are the stories that truly empower and fuel cultures and societies.

If you are looking for some classic rock music to inspire and uplift your soul, look no further than Neither Could Dylan. Your quest ends here with this ingenious musician, who is at the pinnacle of her creative expression.

Follow the attached link in order to stream “Chemical Therapy” and if you are in an ecstatic mood, it wouldn’t hurt to delve deep into the entire album, which is quite delicious.

For more updates on Neither Could Dylan and future projects, please follow her on her social media handles!

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