They are a new-age rap band based in Little Rock Arkansas with a roster of talents such as Joey Sway, N/A, and Lil Bray amongst others. They have a rapid-fire sensation; combination their youthful exuberance and genuine lyrical prowess to give performances befitting an Oscar performance. They bring new school rhythm fused with their musical influences ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to Lil Uzi, always bringing something uniquely different to the table of Hip hop art. Their art has been crafted with the productions of groundbreaking sounds that make the listener to feel the vibe through their music. If inspiration had a name it would be Narcos GGG. They are currently sailing the wave of intense creativity and exceptional aptitude, where the blue ocean of possibilities, competence, fearlessness, and genuineness of audacity color their route to achievement.

“Pop it im rollin” harmonious rap riff gets melody off to a hedonic start as N/A playfully introduces the song’s hook. The strong rhythm follows immediately with a drill sound music that is guaranteed to take over the Hip hop and rap genre. The Bass wobble is reminiscent of Brooklyn’s own legendary performer the late Pop Smoke. The lyrical ingenuity at some point of this song surreptitiously clout about gunplay, “Pop it I’m rollin I’m high bitch I’m floating this gun really loaded.”  This is a fresh head-rushing hit with the power of a short and sweet melodic transcendence and a Radio staple. It embodies what will make Narcos GGG special. The way they throw their bars effortlessly and ride on the explosive beat is typical to a rap maestro, creating an aggressive feel that flows through the entire song. This one right here is an instant party-starter and a unique one at that.


The way these lyrical geniuses have channeled their untamed aggression into repetitive, elemental lyrics that are colored by their force of personality is a masterclass in art, even 50 cent would take notes! Their musical journey represents a profound personal transformation to what can only be equated to “The Dark Night of the Soul.” It is the case of what was once a caterpillar is messily – yet almost magically becoming a butterfly. The old of them died so a better version of them would be reborn. They are not here to take part, they are here to dominate and cement their legacy for the whole world to see and admire while acknowledging them proudly.

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