Mytrell Foreman S.W.A. Y.

Through music and lyrics that portray the Jesus of the Bible, the wonders of his character, and the excitement of his coming, actor, songwriter, comedian, and Christian singer Mytrell Foreman hopes to inspire people in their relationships with God and in the mission of living their everyday lives in the light of his light. Foreman creates for the creator, presenting the most consistent and powerful truths of the gospel and the glory of God’s nature with fresh perspectives. Through fervently detailed lyrics, Foreman’s songwriting encompasses themes of closeness with God, his divine holiness, and his never-ending grace.

His track, “S.W.A.Y.,” featuring the phenomenally gifted female vocalist Calibluebird, is an upbeat and vibe-inducing hip hop masterpiece with some positive lyrics that transcend the four corners of the church.

This is the kind of track that you can listen to any day of the week and feel inspired as well as entertained. The female singer Calibluebird injects the track with a healthy dose of anthemic hooks that intertwine beautifully with the first-rate rap-inspired lyricism from Mytrell Foreman, who expresses himself in an ear-grabbing manner that is a joy to listen to.

This track is also quite atmospheric and endearing to hear on repeat and the sort that fits in any occasion; from the comfort of your living room to the heart of a family gathering or reunion, you are guaranteed to be on your feet, dancing cheerfully and singing along to its catchy lines!

This track displays Mytrell Foreman’s mission of bringing creativity to worship so as to appeal to a broad range of listeners who could definitely do with this type of message. This is actually one of the best tracks I have listened to this day from an artist with true potential to become a global superstar and set the standards for Christian music!

“S.W.A.Y.” has a beautiful accompanying music video that is an eye-catcher. To listen to the track as you watch the music video, follow the attached link, subscribe to Mytrell Foreman’s YouTube channel, like the video, and share your thoughts in the comment section!

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