Musically Inclined is a New York-based band that has carved out a niche for themselves, seeking to push the envelope with their sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style that encompasses jazz, gospel, and funk music. By exploring the sonic rabbit holes within the realms of the fresh and the timeless, backed by such virtuosic instrumental playing and exemplary compositional ingenuity that can get any listener hooked from start to finish.

Their latest composition, dubbed “Untitled Notes” featuring guest players Anthony Bottone and Andrew Keaton, is strikingly simple yet full-sounding. Everything is working in perfect harmony with each other. to create a sensational sound that is alluring and comforting.

A conglomeration of the trumpet, the keys, the sax, the guitars, the drums, and the bass creates a full sound that follows a unique pattern that allows the rhythmic feel of the track and the harmonic elegance that leaves a lasting impression on listeners to flourish.

This is such distinguished playing that cleverly defies categorization and is the best music for any occasion; whether you are listening in from the comfort of your home or whether you are studying or simply introspecting, this is the music to go with that mood.

This is a groovy, irresistible concoction of melody, harmony, and rhythm, and even without the words, you can still feel the music painlessly course through your heart, soul, and veins and be able to experience some intense feelings of your own; simply put, this music is hard to describe. It’s easy to listen to!

There you have it, folks; “Untitled Notes” is the ideal sound to get you smoothly cruising through the weekend.

Follow the link to stream this track, listen to it with an open heart, and add the track to your playlist because it is a bona fide composition that deserves widespread critical acclaim!