Mou5EmO is a man of many talents and, surprisingly, a master of all; his creative expression spans a number of disciplines; he is a producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and dancer. He is also the owner of Mou5 Chee5e Records. With nearly thirty years in the industry, he has acquired extensive experience—a period that has seen him hone his skills and cadence, evolve, and find his niche and identity in electronic music production in a manner that enables him to blend his Mou5ZyZZ and trance alter-ego Mou5EmO, creating a universal sound that connects to its audience on a more conscious level.

The track “Lonely Drive” is exactly what happens when an artist gets into the studio, realizing his potential and utilizing it to the maximum.

There is detail, character, and attitude smeared all through, and it is the fact that you can feel Mou5EmO’s signature stamp and his passion for this craft that really give this track its immediacy and genuine tonality.

The sawtooth bass that rattles the floor seamlessly merges with the fast-paced beats and the deep driving grooves, vintage synths, and pads, not forgetting such striking percussive bravado and the cinematic scores to give you a near-lunatic level of excitement!

Mou5EmO effortlessly invokes emotions even without straining for effect. The production and mixing are top-notch, and the track boasts great sonic clarity and warmth. Mou5EmO lets us savor the thickness and variety of his stylistic caliber.

“Lonely Drive” is seriously an impeccable and attractively wrapped electronic bouquet showcasing the remarkable talent of an affable master of musicianship.

This track is worthy of the Hollywood screen and feels ripe to be pitched for a blockbuster film or television series.

To experience what the fuss is all about, follow the attached link and sink your teeth into this adrenaline-rushing masterpiece from a polished performer at the top of his game.

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