To preserve the culture, entertain, and give audiences a bit of nostalgia, albeit with a twist of today, Brooklyn, New York-based post-punk band Mooncult can make refreshing music with a touch of retro while staying as clean and crisp as modern music can be. This alternative rock, post-punk, and indie pop band brings the contemporary music scene to life with nods to the past.

Simply put, Mooncult is a soul from the past with a clear vision of the future trapped in a present body, delivering back-to-back hits that wildly explore the past’s ethical and contemporary rock and pop sound…hear it like you’ve heard it before and relish!

Mooncult is now gearing towards releasing their new single titled “Leave Me Here”- an enchanting alternative rock masterpiece with lyrics exploring growth, navigating change, and the realization that to accept change, you must let go of the hurtful past and take the lessons with you.

Mooncult has a proven track record of constantly finding new and innovative ways to grow and always coming back with masterpieces that are as fulfilling as they are memorable.

A track like “Leave Me Here” is the kind you put on max while driving down the highway, getting hit right in the feels…I can guarantee you that no feeling comes close to this.
“Leave Me Here” is another epic addition to the band’s stunning catalog and is expected to mark another significant milestone in Mooncult’s musical career. It is unique but accessible music guaranteed to endear itself to audiences across multiple demographics.

Mooncult is revolutionizing the music industry by breaking barriers and establishing something new, one track at a time.

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