Monta, the Kansas City post-punk band, is pushing the boundaries of experimental music with their latest EP, “Crystal Momentum.” Founded by brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore, Monta has grown into a community of musicians and collaborators who continue to climb higher through lineup changes and ever-changing scenes. With Mikal Shapiro on vocals, Krysztof Nemeth and Lucas Behrens on guitars, Dedric Moore on electronics, Matthew Heinrich on drums, and Teri Quinn with additional vocals, Monta’s latest EP showcase their mastery of electrified dreamworld post-punk, creating a mesmerizing and captivating atmosphere that transports listeners to a different world.

Monta’s latest offering, the Crystal Momentum EP, represents an exploration of electrified dreamworld post-punk that showcases the band’s mastery of multiple genres, including electronic, rock, new wave, post-punk, psychedelic and synthpop. The EP features four spacious tracks that serve as the perfect accompaniment for out-of-body explorations.

The inaugural track of the EP, “Everybody’s Baby,” beckons listeners with its entrancing melody and throbbing groove. Mikal Shapiro’s vocals effortlessly hover above the gleaming guitars and swirling synths, generating a celestial ambiance that is both enchanting and eerie. The track’s introspective lyrics and dynamic instrumentation synergistically blend to produce a genuinely hypnotic experience.

The track “Looking Back” offers a delightful contrast to the rest of the EP, with its upbeat and lively sound that infuses the listener with a sense of joy and energy. The driving rhythm and catchy chorus of the song immediately capture the listener’s attention and draw them into the music. The dynamic instrumentation, including shimmering guitars and swirling synths, further adds to the track’s irresistible appeal. In addition to its infectious sound, “Looking Back” delves into the complex and often melancholic world of nostalgia. The lyrics of the song speak to the longing for a time gone by, when life seemed simpler and more carefree. Mikal Shapiro’s vocals effortlessly capture this sentiment, conveying a sense of wistfulness and longing that is both poignant and relatable.

In “Perimeter Dancer,” Monta takes a cue from punk rock’s vigor, with its pulsing beat and urgent vocals. The track’s lively instrumentation and earworm hooks serve as a rousing anthem that is guaranteed to get listeners on their feet.

The final offering, “Luna Lost In Your Gaze,” is an expansive and atmospheric track that displays Monta’s aptitude for constructing vast and immersive soundscapes. The track’s spaghetti western-inspired instrumentation and dreamlike vocals craft a haunting and mesmerizing ambiance that is both cinematic and enchanting.

I would recommend the “Crystal Momentum EP” to fans of electronic, rock, new wave, post-punk, psychedelic, and synthpop music. It will especially appeal to those who enjoy uplifting music with dynamic instrumentation.

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