Miss Universe No Doubts

On a mission to leave a lasting impression through her music is the multi-talented and outspoken singer and songwriter Miss Universe alias Camella. Having been operating in the shadows as a songwriter for other artists, she is now ready to take the mantle and shine some of that dazzling light on her career by putting a voice and a face behind such dexterous songwriting skills. You can expect a musical universe that will be painted by heavenly R&B sounds mixed with proficient beauty with the grandiose nostalgic soul for that rich and gratifying sound you would listen to all day long without getting enough of. The stars are now aligned in the right order and it is her absolute time to shine!

There is no pain that quite eclipses that of losing someone so dear and close to you and that is why she has a touching EP, “No Doubts” that is dedicated to her late nephew Teon Rakeim Campbell Pitter who was cruelly taken away from her loved ones at only 16 years of age. A Nubian prince and a happy soul who had so much to live for but is no longer with us! The hope is that he is somewhere peaceful under the protective wings of the angels.

This 5-track EP is in honor of his memory and especially the tune, “My Brother’s Child” which takes a listener through an emotionally charged journey of who Teon was like as a person. Camella watched him grow from a boy to this adorable young man. He is gone but never forgotten and his memories will live on with all those he interacted with. Her voice brings out those sorrowful emotions with the immersive soul beats contrasting brilliantly with the heartbreaking lyrics.

The tune hits you right where it hurts most and is one of those songs you find so hard not to get moved by. Even the most emotionally stable persons will find themselves shedding a tear. This is the perfect tribute to this young man’s life that was catastrophically cut short. The other tunes; “3AM”, “Friendships”, “Beautiful Black Man” and “Intuition” are beautifully and wonderfully performed and will make you fall in love with her.

She is on the quest of building a long-lasting and boundary-busting career and I honestly cannot wait to see what’s next in store for her. Follow her on the attached socials so as to keep tabs on her present and future endeavors!

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