Just like we all need somebody to lean on, we also need to believe in something, a cause, a higher calling that goes beyond the limiting forces of our lives and there is no better way to seek motivation than from the incredibly resilient powerhouse blues singer, cancer survivor and nurse Freddy Stover locally known as “Miss Freddye” for her virtuosic vocal blues performances. She has been singing blues for as long as she can remember in her hometown of Pittsburg. She even has two bands to show for her repertoire of musical productions; “Miss Freddye’s Blues band” is known for their delicious mix of high energy Chicago blues along with the charming southern and soulful blues sound. The other band, “Miss Freddye’s Homecookin’ Band” cooks alluring music that involves a complex blend of rhythmic melodies that has the soulful aching of the blues. This has been her musical odyssey thus far exploring with her towering command in vocality the genres of gospel, blues, and classic rock and even calibrating a sensational theme of country and bluegrass. Her latest motivational masterclass in melodic transcendence, “Something to believe in” is from her forthcoming gospel/roots release that is scheduled for 2022 release.

8 Questions With Miss Freddye

“Everybody is searching for answers… Everybody is tryna find the meaning in their lives…Where do we belong, who will be our shelter…Looking for salvation…” is what gets the listener started to a calm and introspective ambient as Miss Freddye showcases her naturally gifted vocal ability capturing each and every emotion of the song as she performs emotionally with each tag of the strings tagging a listener’s heart with them and the bright lush soundscape emanating from the refreshingly blended instrumentations of the improvised chord progressions, tonic melisma, syncopated beats, drum kit, tambourine, and the electric guitar as the song progresses lending the song a steady rhythm that gives the melody its distinguishing and distinct characteristics.

The chorus of, “We all need something to believe in” backed by the blend of mellifluous background vocals of the choir supporting her lead vocals, creating a fascinating scene of incredible vocal unity will undoubtedly leave an indelible footprint even on a non-believer. That is the power and influence that this glorious production carries and it has so far amassed over 113.6 K streams on Spotify alone and this is only in its inception stage. It sure to acquire even more owing to its well-composed and authentic aura – just like Martin Luther Jnr. King she has a dream and she has allowed the world to share in it.

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8 Questions With Miss Freddye 8 Questions With Miss Freddye 8 Questions With Miss Freddye 8 Questions With Miss Freddye